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Red Bull Crasher - Volunteer Positions

Jan 30, 2018

ROLE / Description

MARSHAL // REFEREE Be in the HEART of the race! This central position is for you as long as you can commit to ALL Marshals'shifts from Thursday to Saturday and you're willing to stand up outside for hours really REALLY close to the track!

COMMISSION AGENT Do you love to drive and shop? Do you know the town like no one? This role is for you! Do small purchases and equipment transportation on the site of the event and around town in a vehicle (+25 y.o., heavy lifting, valid driver's license).

VOLUNTEERS HEADQUARTERS ASSISTANT Want to share a fabulous experience with others volunteers and have a chance to meet them all ? Insure the well-being and belonging of our volunteers in the volunteers’ area.

INFORMATION AGENT The Red Bull Crashed Ice will no longer have any secrets from you! Be the first to answer multiple questions from our visitors!

VOLUNTEERS' SUPPLY AGENT Want to be one of the most POPULAR volunteer on site? All our volunteers will be happy to see you when you'll come to them to distribute food and hot drinks at their position! This role require a good physical condition as you're carrying heavy backpacks.

FLYING TEAM Are you willing to do ANYTHING? Fill various positions depending on vacancies as required on the day of the event.

VOLUNTEERS' PHOTOGRAPHER Your friends always say that you take beautiful pictures of them? Do you have your own camera? YES! Take snapshots of our volunteers during the Red Bull Crashed Ice.

SECURITY AND CIRCULATION AGENT Be the one on guard! Be READY to help us with the crowd management on site.

MEDICAL DRIVER Be post in a car and transport wounded athletes to hospital in case of a minor injury (+25 y.o., valid driver's license).

TICKET SCANNING AGENT Do you possess exceptional customer service skills with experience working under pressure? SMILE, scan tickets and grant entry into the venue to the public.

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