An internship  is included as a degree requirement for Leder School of Business' Bachelor of Commerce, as it provides balance to students’ theoretical classroom learning with practical, hands-on, experiential learning.

The Bachelor of Commerce Internship program (BUSI 489 Internship Preparation and BUSI 490 Internship Placement) is a structured and supervised professional work/learn experience within a business environment, government department, or not-for-profit organization. The internship takes place between the successful completion of year-three and before the commencement of year-four studies. By then, it is expected that students will have gained the theoretical and technical knowledge as well as the initiative and understanding to contribute meaningfully in a ‘real-world’ business and management setting.


Geraldine Odaibo
Third Year Business Student
"I really enjoy the small classes and that you feel like you're a part of a small community here at King's. I like that I have a relationship with my professors! They invest in our success and take the time to accommodate students when they are in need of extra help. I appreciate all of the opportunities that Leder provides for students, such as offering an internship preparation course, that helps us with networking and communication skills, which are then used as we apply for internships within the business world. I also appreciate the fact that as students, our voices are heard at different council meetings, which shows that students aren't just numbers here at King's!

During the internship experience, students expand their horizons, develop new work skills, showcase their talents, and increase their confidence. At the same time, students introduce new ideas and creativity into a workplace, and become part of a professional network. Contributing skills, energy, enthusiasm; team building; meeting deadlines; presenting ideas; and receiving performance feedback are all part of the Internship learning for students.

Terms of Internship

Ideally, the internship is a full time job that lasts throughout spring and summer terms; beginning in May and ending in August. The four month work term offers learning opportunities that may include: working as part of a team, seeing projects through to completion, and developing good solid references for future job search. The required internship minimum is 160 hours of full-time or part-time, paid employment or volunteer work. If done on a part-time basis during the Winter or the Spring/Summer terms, the student is required to work a minimum of 10 hours per week.

Rate of pay and hours of work are negotiated between the student intern and the employer. If the internship is unpaid volunteer work, it is still necessary for an employer to provide a structured work environment consisting of a scheduled calendar of work hours and consistent lines of reporting.


Employer Support

The Leder School of Business is fortunate to have the support of many committed employers who have enthusiastically provided Internship work opportunities for students. Students have completed their internships with local businesses as well as those in other provinces, the USA, Mexico, Cambodia and Africa.

What Students Say:

"I appreciated, and enjoyed my experiences, and can truly say I have gained insight on how tough it is to survive and prosper in the tough business world.”

"I was really able to develop my team work, independent work, and problem solving skills.”

"Overall, my experience was a great one and I’m very glad I did it. I think it will greatly prepare me for the future, as it developed not only work related skills, but many personal skills as well.”

"This experience may be the bridge I need to help me get desired jobs in the future.”

"A great experience. This internship …has greatly increased my confidence to take on new challenges and has taught me a lot about what it takes to be successful not only in business but in life as well.”

"I also enjoyed this experience because of the things I learned academically. This job made me do more research in the communications and promotions process so it enhanced my knowledge of these concepts more.”


What Employers Say:

“Internship is a great way to give a student a head start on a career that they may choose to do in the future.”

“The (King’s) students I have met seem well prepared and mature. They do not back away from hard work and long hours.”

“It was nice to see the student facilitator take an active interest in their student by taking the time to visit my office to discuss the student and their responsibilities.”

“The student has set a great example of what King’s has to provide to the business community.”

“This is a win-win relationship for both intern and employer and should be expanded if possible. We learn so much from students and hopefully they benefit from their experience here.”

“(name of student) worked diligently to complete assignments in a timely manner, develop additional professional knowledge in the field of municipal administration, hone his public and professional communication skills, and showed a personal commitment to always exceed performance expectations.”