Community Engaged Research

In July 2014 King’s appointed its first Community Engaged Research Director with the hiring of Dr. Julie Kaye (PhD, Sociology). The position facilitates students - primarily in the social sciences - to conduct community research projects for local agencies. In addition to enhancing student involvement, Dr. Kaye as the new Director is working to consolidate the variety of community engaged research work conducted by faculty members Dr. Randolph Haluza-DeLay, Dr. Theresa Zolner and Dr. David Long. Community Engaged Research - broadly defined as research that involves community development, participatory research, or voluntary sector management - takes many shapes for King’s social scientists.

Along with teaching the methodology and theory of Community Engaged Research, Dr. Kaye is responsible for developing vibrant relationships of mutual service with a wide range of Christian and non-Christian human services agencies in the greater Edmonton area. For students, these partnerships in Community Engaged Research projects offer experiential learning opportunities working directly with organizations on mutually beneficial projects.