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A Holy Place

Dec 01, 2017

Location: Mezzanine

Date & Times: Dec. 1, 2017 - March 30, 2018

1/10 scale model-making by artists enrolled in ART210 Mixed Media Fall 2017

What makes a place holy or sacred? Many religious belief systems, including historic and current Christian faith communities, hold that certain places on earth are sacred spaces. They are special places where the transcendent can be or has been experienced.

Each of the scaled down environments represents a place its artist thinks of as hallowed ground. They open up fascinating questions about how a place can become sacred. Is it because someone or some group dedicated it as a place for communal worship? Is it because we believe that anywhere and anything is made holy when any human activity is done there in awareness that God is present everywhere—is Lord of all? Are some special places endowed with a supernatural presence or spirit, which can be detected and acknowledged by people? Is it sufficient that one person believes a place is spiritually significant? When places are shared with people whose idea of sacred space is different from our own, who has the right to control that space—to protect it from desecration? Where do you feel connected to a higher power?

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