Ballyhoo is the annual arts publication of The King’s University. It is a compilation of short stories, poems, illustrations, and photographs. The pieces in the publication are from students, faculty, and alumni. The Ballyhoo publication is produced each year by two students for course credit.

Ballyhoo 2018 was released on April 9, 2018.

"I laughed, I cried, I bought ten copies."

Arlette Zinck, Dean of Arts

"Ballyhoo shimmers with beauty and flashes with brilliance."

Elizabeth WillsonGordon, Assistant Professor of English

Painting previews - Ballyhoo 2018

Ballyhoo Fine Arts Publication, Painting
"Untitled" - Celine Leung
Ballyhoo Fine Arts Publication, Painting
"Koi Pond" - Marieka Welke
 Fine Arts Publication, Ballyhoo Painting
"Mother Theresa"
- MaryAnne Speiss


Ballyhoo Fine Arts Publication, Photography
"Food at the End of the Tunnel" - Sayem Shahid
Photography, Ballyhoo Fine Arts Publication at King's
"Loneliness" - Dominic Wong