Creative Composition

Below are excerpts from the 2017 edition of Ballyhoo:

Gold- McKenzie Oliver

love is patient love is kind
it is selfless it trusts it hopes

it is difficult to define

it is a philosopher’s stone
an impossible union
never known by the alchemists
hidden away in buried labs

it is a purification
a transmutation
of a base element to a noble one

and it pools in the heart
with the bright unbearable heat
of molten gold


The Golden Gate Bridge - Aubry Poulin

Crimson spires pierce the cloud-line
Hovering above the suspended cottony vapour
Conquering the gate
King of the mists


To the Girl Who Didn't Say Thank You When I Held the Door Open for Her - Owen Leeder

I hope you get taken on a date to the beach
Only to have him offer you gum and ask if you brushed your teeth

I hope you hold in your pee for so long that you need a new kidney
I hope you go to Starbucks and the barista misspells “Sidney”

I hope you go to the mall and realize you forgot your purse
And when you get it you buy a cute doll for your sister that turns out to be cursed

I hope you take a cute selfie and it gets deleted
I hope something embarrassing of you gets tweeted

I hope you stand on a curb and a car splashes you with slush
I hope you put a real bomb in your bath, not that fake shit from Lush