Permanent Campus Art Collection

"Please Come" watercolour of bridge

Please Come

Vicky Kalverda

Purchased April 2002 through a generous donation of The King's Guild to the King's student art permanent collection.



"Catch of the Day" by John de Haan

Catch of the Day

John de Haan

"Catch of the Day" is based on Christ's miracle of the abundant catch in John 20, and his promise to his disciples that he would make them "fishers of men".

oil on canvas

"Aspen Trail" by Jim Visser

Aspen Trail

Jim Visser

"To catch the Creator's moment I would rather speak with my brush than with my pen."

oil on canvas, 60" x 40"

"Evening Glory" by Daniel vanHeyst

Evening Glory

Daniel vanHeyst

Inspired by Sharon Graham Sargent.

acrylic on panel

"Monty", a painting by Gerald Folkerts. Held in The King's University


Gerald Folkerts

"Monty" hangs permanently beside the campus front entrance. The exhibit is a constant reminder to acknowledge and remember the stories of those sometimes invisible to us. 

Read the story behind "Monty."

"Portrait of Dr. Nicolas B. Knoppers" by Daniel vanHeyst

Nicolas Knoppers

Daniel vanHeyst

Portriat of Dr. Nicolas B. Knoppers, first dean of music at The King's University. Commissioned on the occasion of naming Knoppers hall in his honour.

acrylic on panel, 24" x 32"


"Untitled #1" Art by Bryson Spencer

Untitled #1

Bryson Spencer

From the 2008 series, A Path to Paradise.

Gift of the artist

acrylic on canvas, 34" x 32"

"#2 Eternity" Art by Bryson Spencer

#2 Eternity

Bryson Spencer

From the 2008 series, A Path to Paradise.

Gift of the artist

acrylic on canvas, 40" x 50"

"The King's Players I (Music)" by Linda Ruiter-Koopmans

The King's Players I (Music)

Linda Ruiter-Koopmans

Donated to The King's University by the artist.

oil on canvas, 1982

"The King's Players II (Athletics)" by Linda Ruiter-Koopmans

The King's Players II (Athletics)

Linda Ruiter-Koopmans

Donated to The King's University by L. and B. Tuininga.

oil on canvas, 1982

"Joseph Receives his Brothers in Egypt" Art by King's Education Students

Joseph Receives his Brothers in Egypt

Created by the students of EDUC 305

Teaching Methods/Art, Winter 1997

God's Picnic by Edmonton Artist, Jim Visser

God's Picnic

Jim Visser

Jim Visser is an Edmonton artist and environmental activist who farmed in northeast Edmonton for years. 

Gift of the artist

oil on canvas

"God-est" by Lorie Key


Lorie Key

"God remains central to everything." 


"Figure in Glory" in the style of Albert Gleizes

Figure in Glory

Angela Van de Hoef, Lynda Pothoven, Stephanie Frankton

A reproduction in acrylic on hardboard. Jointly painted by students of Art 211 Illustration. Based on the original oil on canvas by Albert Gleizes, 1937, an important theorist and practitioner of Cubist painting. 

"Black Hole" by John de Haan

Black Hole

John de Haan

John de Haan says this of his art: "I have daydreams and I have nightmares. My drawings are somewhere in between."

acrylic ink, gouache, and acrylic paint on paper, 60" x 60"

"Moses Meets God" by Evelyn Martin

Moses Meets God

Fabric applique by Evelyn Martin

Dedicated to the memory of William Sinnema (1937-1988) a devoted and dedicated member of Fellowship Christian Reformed Church.