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Sustainable Agriculture in Kenya

Feb 02, 2018

Location: Red Display Wall

Date & Times: October 2 - November 2, 2017

Photographers: Erin Greidanus and Kendra Hutchison, ENVS internship students Curator: Nancy Buford, ENVS Internship Coordinator 

Stop by the Kenya Photography Show and explore the beautiful villages, people, safaris, hillsides and farmlands of an amazing nation 9 time zones away.

Erin and Kendra visited Kenya for they ENVS internship performing research on the topic of "Conservation Agriculture" and "farming Gods way." Their primary function while in Kenya, was to interview farmers and gain an understanding of the community. 

Erin and Kendra were able to explore the area and went on a safari tour when they had some free time.

The photo display is a result of their summer explorations of Kenya.