Respond to King's COVID-19 Challenges

Critical Operations Fund

This temporary fund has been created to meet King's current and urgent needs due to the COVID-19 financial crisis. This fund will support:

  • Expenses for transitioning to online class delivery and rapidly equipping all employees to work from home.
  • Replace lost revenue due to the closure of campus (private facility rentals, food services, residence, etc)
  • Development of additional supports for new students anticipated to need extra assistance because deficiencies in their high school education due to COVID-19 closures.

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Student Emergency Fund: Goal: $25k for Immediate Student Needs

This fund will be used to provide support to international students who are unable to return home or work in Canada and require funds for residence and basic necessities. King's currently has six students who require four months of funding. Students will be eligible to receive funding if they plan to live on campus over the summer and have lost their job or have seen a significant reduction in income but are not eligible for government supports.

If additional funds become available, King's will provide support to independent domestic students and students whose families are unable to provide support for them at this time. With your help, King's can support vulnerable students during this difficult time and enable them to continue in their studies.

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Employee Support Fund  

This fund will be used to mitigate the impact of the economic downturn resulting from COVID-19. The fund will provide financial assistance to King’s employees who are having difficulties providing basic necessities for themselves or their family as a result of COVID-19.

Note: If there is excess money available in this fund once the impacts of COVID-19 have subsided, the balance will be transferred to the Student Emergency Fund to support King’s students who are experiencing unexpected financial hardship.

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