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Supporter Story: John and Anna Feddes - A History of Support

Sep 29, 2016

John and Anna Feddes have a long history of giving to their church, to community groups and to The King’s University.

If you’ve ever driven by Covenant Christian Reformed Church in Edmonton on a warm summer day, you may have seen John working in the community garden run by their church. Perhaps you’ve seen the beautiful quilts Anna creates and donates to special causes, including King’s.

John has served on both The King’s University Senate and Board of Governors. Anna volunteers on the King’s Guild. In part, their strong affinity for community comes from their rural roots, each having grown up on farms near Peers and Rocky Mountain House.

John and Anna met while John attended the University of Alberta.  They married in 1971. By 1975, John had secured a research position at University of Alberta’s Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences. He retired in 2007.  During this time, Anna worked as an administrative assistant at Edmonton Christian School. The two raised three children: Eric, Mark and Jeanette.

In creating their estate plans, John and Anna considered how they could share the financial blessings which God had bestowed on them. They made bequests for their three children, and in light of their passion and commitment to Christian university education, they added The King’s University as a fourth ‘charity’ child to receive a portion of their estate.

“We planned a bequest gift for King’s because we have both been involved in the King’s journey. In this way we can contribute, in an important way, to financing student scholarships and expansion projects,” says John. “Supporting King’s is an extension of what we believe,” Anna adds. “We’ve always been impressed with the teaching at King’s.  Students become critical thinkers there instead of being spoon-fed information. They’re challenged on how to think about issues.