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Student Story: Makenzie Johnston

Sep 29, 2016

1. How did you end up in the Leder School of Business BComm program?
How I ended up in the Leder School of Business BComm program is in direct relation to where I grew up. I am from a small town in British Columbia and prior to my first contact with the King’s Women’s Basketball coach I had very little knowledge of The King’s University. I soon realized this would be a place I could fulfil my basketball dreams of playing collegiate basketball. Once I had decided to embark on my post-secondary education journey at King’s I found choosing to focus my studies as a business major felt like a natural choice because of my family background. Both of my parents started a successful wood pellet processing plant with global markets that I have been apart of on both of the manufacturing and administrative sides. I found from the moment I made my decision to go to King’s I have felt apart of a community not only as a student athlete but through the small classes sizes, personal relationships with both students and professors, and familiar faces. This atmosphere truly drew me in and made my journey so far from home bearable. King’s provided that small-town feel I had grew up with, while being located in one of Alberta’s most prosperous cities.

2. Can you talk a bit about your experiences at the School and some of the extracurricular activities you’ve been involved in?
The main extracurricular activity that I partook in was the women’s basketball team which allowed me the privilege to call myself an Eagle for the last 5 years. I dedicated most of my spare time to being an Eagle which brought responsibilities that grades are maintained and we, as a team, conduct ourselves in a manner that represents our school proudly. The coaches that truly instilled this in me were Chad Pidhiachuk and Jessie McLean by integrating teamwork, faith, and leadership skills that I feel influenced my success in the classroom, as a captain, and will continue to in my future endeavours. The last two years of my basketball career I had the honour of being the captain of the women’s basketball team. I learned so much through this experience not only about myself but the importance of supporting others’ self-confidence, commending their hard work, and maintaining expectations for the team.