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Student Story: Colborne Kemna

Jan 24, 2018

My name is Colborne Kemna, and I am a fourth-year biology student minoring in math and theology. I have served in several student leadership roles at King’s as a ministry assistant, faith and science discussion group organizer, math tutor, summer research assistant, and as president of the Students’ Association. 

I chose King’s based on encouragement from my uncle who is involved in Christian higher education. I’m so thankful I followed his advice. I had no experience in a Christian school, and I wasn’t sure how important that was, but my time at King’s has transformed me. There is immense value in a Christian university experience. King’s allows me to explore so many unique opportunities, and I am learning more than I ever anticipated. 

I’m learning to see the world through the lens of my Christian faith. King’s exemplifies that faith should not be separated from any aspects of my life, including my education. In one class, we discuss the ethics of gene editing, while in another I’m applying my knowledge to help ecosystems flourish. Foundations courses encourage me to recognize the frameworks people use to view and interact with the world. I learned about worldviews, spiritual realities, and practical wisdom for living through a textual examination of the apostle Paul. From studying nature to interacting with literature, each discipline is an avenue for exploring the richness of God’s creation and learning how to live out my spiritual convictions in all that I do.

I have grown spiritually through living and learning alongside close friends and by building genuine relationships with staff and faculty who share my faith. These relationships provided me with wisdom and guidance on my career pursuits and biblical criteria for discerning my future plans. For me, The King’s University is a place where academics meets purpose and life-changing opportunities exist.

- Colborne