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Supporter Story: The Vogelaars - Creating a Family Legacy

Sep 29, 2016

Len and Betty Vogelaar’s commitment and connection to The King’s University all began with Betty’s father, Cornelis van’t Land. Cornelis believed in the importance of a Christian education, and while living in Holland, Betty and her sister were sent to an out-of-town Christian high school. After they immigrated as a family to southern Alberta in 1950, Betty’s dad felt obligated to help provide an opportunity for Christian post-secondary education for students here in Alberta. Even though his finances were limited, he did his part by raising money and encouraging people to sign up for memberships with The King’s College, as it was known at that time. Cornelis also instilled his high value of Christian education in his children which has carried on in Len and Betty’s life. 

When Len and Betty’s youngest daughter, Carrie, graduated from high school they encouraged her to enrol at The King’s University College as it was named at that time. Carrie thoroughly enjoyed the music department with Dr. Jacobus Kloppers at the helm and made many friends whom she keeps in touch with to this day. She graduated with a B.A. in music, and obtained a two-year Church Music Diploma in 1993. She currently teaches music for a living.

Len and Betty’s involvement with King’s remains strong through their children and grandchildren (three of their grandchildren are also King’s graduates). “The school has blessed our family in many ways. It has given our children and grandchildren a solid foundation in Christian philosophy, faith and education. It has provided our family with careers and friends and it has extended our family as well. We feel it is important to give back some of those blessings and continue our support through scholarships and bursaries and have included a gift for King’s in our wills.” Len and Betty have decided to make King’s a part of the legacy they want leave by including a gift in their will.  What will your legacy be?