About the Pakitinâsowin Reciprocity Fund

The Pakitinâsowin Reciprocity Fund is held by The King's University on behalf of the Northern Alberta Diaconal Conference (NADC), local church partners, and King's wider community. The fund expresses a vision for reconciliation by Christian church communities in Edmonton and central Alberta. We encourage churches across the confessional spectrum are encouraged to give to this fund. 

The advisory circle is responsible for decisions related to the dispersal of funds, including encouraging and soliciting applications, reviewing applications, and determining successful applicants. The advisory circle will normally disperse three grants per year: one to an Indigenous-led children’s initiative; one to an Indigenous-led women’s initiative; one to an Indigenous-led community initiative.

Together, we are committed to growing the fund as an expression of our commitment to reconciliation and desire to make reparations for the harms perpetuated by Christian communities against Indigenous peoples.

These gifts are stewarded by The King’s University to support Indigenous-led initiatives. Dispersal of gifts is Indigenous-led and based on the following principles:

  1. Ensuring flexible eligibility criteria and application processes
  2. Prioritizing long-lasting partnerships with Indigenous communities
  3. Maintaining the long-term health and growth of the fund

It is critical that the call for reparations be undertaken by churches together. Although every church has its own history of how it came to Canada and related to Indigenous peoples, all churches can become more mindful of the ways in which their divisions and historic approaches to mission contain aspects of a colonial mentality. Partnering with an Indigenous-led advisory circle and supporting Indigenous-led initiatives through an accessible, low-barrier fund ensures that funds and lands returned to the use of Indigenous partners can be utilized in more substantial and sustainable ways. Walking together expands the healing that can be accomplished in all directions.

Advisory Circle

King's and NADC are committed to following the leadership of Indigenous communities in making decisions about how these funds will be used and administered. The advisory circle is Indigenous led and governed by a sizable majority of Indigenous members. It consists of:

  • one Indigenous elder (male or female)
  • one female Indigenous elder or knowledge keeper
  • one Indigenous youth member (male or female)
  • one Indigenous community member at large
  • one Indigenous bridger/cultural broker
  • one church representative representing the participating faith communities
  • one representative of The King’s University

Additional Resources

Online Course

  • Learn more about Indigenous peoples living in Canada through Indigenous Canada, a free, online course from the Faculty of Native Studies at the University of Alberta.


Books & Documentaries

  • Indigenous Writes by Chelsea Vowel

  • Visions of the Heart, edited by Gina Starblanket, David Long and Olive Patricia Dickason

  • Unsettling Canada by Arthur Manuel

  • The Inconvenient Indian by Thomas King

  • Becoming Kin by Patty Krawek (forthcoming)

  • Anglican Church's documentary on the Doctrine of Discovery.

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