Other Planned Gifts

Donors might consider other unique way to make a contribution that may take a bit more planning but has benefits to King’s and donors. The King’s University works closely with Christian Stewardship Services (CSS) to help structure these types of gifts appropriately. We would be happy to make an introduction and work as a team with CSS, the donor, and the donor’s advisers as needed.

Gift of residual interest

A donor can make a gift of residual interest by transferring ownership of property to The King’s University while retaining the right to use it during his or her lifetime or for a specified term. The donor receives an immediate tax receipt for the future value of the property and the gift passes to The King’s University outside of the donor’s estate.

Charitable remainder trusts

By donating cash or property to establish a trust, you can receive income from that asset during your lifetime or for a period of time. The gift will pass to The King’s University outside your estate, and depending on your circumstances, you may receive a tax receipt for the future value of the gift.

Charitable gift annuities

Charitable annuities are a gift that gives back to the donor. Donors may contribute a lump sum, and The King’s University uses part of that money for its charitable priorities and uses a portion to purchase an annuity that pays donors some income for life or a set term. Depending on a donor’s situation, a portion or all of this income may be tax-free.