Fines Appeal Form

Please note, the following are NOT acceptable reasons to appeal a fine:

  • Not knowing library policies.
  • Not renewing on time or forgetting the due date.
  • Not receiving a courtesy heads-up or overdue notice email.
  • Inability to renew online or off-campus (you can always call us and ask for a renewal via the phone).
  • Not returning recalled items because you were out of town or country.
  • The items were due during Reading Week or holidays.

If you wish to appeal for reasons other than these, please fill and submit the form below. Provide specific details about which charges you are appealing, including an explanation of why you believe that these should be cancelled or adjusted. You will normally receive a response in two to three working days. If the appeal requires a search of library shelves and online records, it may take longer. Decisions will be sent to the email you provide below.

Library Fines Appeal