Lost, Stolen & Fines


King's Materials No fines for overdue items
Recall items $1/day
Reserve Items $1/hour or part thereof
Recalled Items $5 + $1/day
Other NEOS Libraries' Materials $1/day

Note: Any library fines or overdue materials may result in the withholding of marks, transcripts, diplomas, timetables, and registration in future courses.

Borrowing privileges are suspended when unpaid fines/lost book charges exceed $50.00. Materials overdue for more than 31 days are considered lost. A replacement and processing fee is charged on lost items.

Lost Items
When an item is more than 30 days late, it is assumed lost. A charge of $150.00 will be added to your library account. If the item is returned, the $150.00 charge will be removed, and a fine amount will be added. 

If you cannot return the item due to loss or destruction, you will be charged the cost of replacement and a $30.00 processing fee.

Viewing Fines
Login to My Account to view any outstanding fines.

Paying Fines

  • In person: visit the Library Circulation Desk to pay fines. Cash, debit card, credit card, and personal cheques are accepted. 
  • Online: (Only available to King's students) On the Registry Web Page, look for the "OnLine Payments" link under "OnLine Services." Follow the steps.
  • By phone: we accept credit card payments by phone 780.465.8304

Note: You can only pay fines on materials that have been returned to the library.

Fine Appeal
Fines for overdue library materials may be appealed by filling out the Library Charge Appeal form