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Justice Semester

Learn about justice issues in Edmonton, Mexico, and around the world by participating in The King’s University’s Justice Semester! 

Through conversations with peace and justice activists in Mexico, homelessness advocates in Edmonton, local Indigenous leaders, King’s professors, and your fellow students, this semester will open your eyes to the many ways you can live a life of justice, love, and mercy in a broken world.

As part of the Justice Semester:

  • You will have first-hand encounters with communities experiencing poverty and injustice in Mexico, Edmonton’s inner-city, and throughout Alberta.
  • You will observe community development programs at home and abroad.
  • You will examine the needs and gifts of vulnerable communities.
  • You will carefully examine biblical teachings about justice, reconciliation, and poverty.
  • You will learn from fellow students who share your passion for making the world a better, more just, and more peaceful place.

What is the Justice Semester?

The Justice Semester is a semester-long interdisciplinary program of learning, exposure, and experience with a strong focus on out-of-the-classroom learning. The Justice Semester consists of five courses (for 15 credits) that focus on the principles and practice of justice, development, and reconciliation from a faith perspective. 

The semester is facilitated by The Micah Centre’s Program Director and led by a variety of King’s faculty and local justice leaders with the goal that students will have a better understanding of biblical justice and be empowered to heed the prophet Micah’s call to ‘do justice and love mercy’ in their lives and the lives of their communities.

Courses are offered module-style, one after the other, and emphasize experiential learning and exposure through visits with various communities, leaders, and organizations. Here are a few examples of the people who will be your teachers:

  • Residents of a squatters' settlement in Cuernevaca, Mexico.
  • Men and women experiencing homelessness in Edmonton.
  • Students and leaders at a local Indigenous college.
  • Survivors of Canada’s Indian Residential School system.
  • Historians passionate about telling Canada’s whole story.
  • Inmates and former inmates of local federal prisons.
  • Young people in Mexico who have crossed the border into the United States.
  • Sociologists committed to listening to the voices of the marginalized.
  • El Salvadoran refugees living in Mexico.
  • Local housing activists.

All Justice Semester credits count toward your King’s degrees.

Ready to be part of the Justice Semester? Fill out the application form and submit it to the Micah Centre Program Director, Jonathan Nicolai-deKoning.