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A Blog Reflection on the trip to Bangladesh

Oct 26, 2017

Bangladesh: the context for transformative development

To understand the context in which transformational development is taking place as well as appreciating its impact at the community level, a brief description of Bangladesh is necessary. Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. It has a population of 160 million people in country that is slightly smaller than Iowa covering an area of 143 990 sq. km. 98% of the population are Bengalis while the rest are indigenous people commonly referred to as the tribal people. These are the minority ethnic groups living mainly in the country’s areas bordering India and Myanmar. There are 45 different ethnic minority groups that in total constitute about 3% of the entire population. Much like the indigenous people of Canada, the tribal groups have historically been subjected to discrimination, violence, exclusion, and denial of their rights. Most have been edged out of their lands causing some to flee to India. Their suffering has not abated very much in the recent years prompting various groups including CRWRC to work towards justice and upholding of human rights for such groups.

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