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Prayer for Peace

Oct 29, 2017


A poem by Melle Huizenga

Baghdad, Kabul, Paris
Palestine, Kosovo, Beirut
Syria, Iraq, Kinshasa, Damascas
The names are music conjuring up exotic history
But the reality is a bitter wind
Whistling through a million skulls.
Here the present worshippers of destruction and death,
The heirs of Atilla, Stalin, Hitler and Mao Tse Tung
Bestride their devastated world
Like Collossi in military gear and silk suits.
They once were men but now engorged by the incense
of burning flesh and broken bodies
they delight in the slaughter of innocents.
Their ancient arrogance fuels their conquest
With bombs, strategy and propaganda
To kill, pillage, rape and burn.
Mars, Ares, Sehkmet, Odin
The ancient gods of war are resurrected in our time
To slake their insatiable thirst for blood
Willingly fed by the modern merchants of death
In China, France, America, England, Canada
With bombs, guns, missiles and helicopters.
Human hating dragons on steroids
That feed their inexhaustible greed
Abetted by the grim mills of Moloch that grind on
devouring the children
to assure generations of anger, bitterness and revenge
as the mothers weep in Ramah.

How long? How long?
How long oh Lord must we wait on the mourners bench?
Before the lion sleeps with the lamb
Swords are turned into ploughshares
Spears are beat into pruning hooks
Nation will not fight with nation
And they shall learn war no more

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