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Introducing our Professor of the Week, Daniel Kim

Mar 13, 2019

Again the students had some questions and here are his answers!

How long will you remain at King’s?
Life is continually changing, so I suppose only God knows the answer to that.

Do you regret selling your talcum powder company?
Sometimes yes.

Best Korean restaurant in Edmonton?
Still searching, but my wife is probably the best cook in Edmonton, she even has a qualification for Korean traditional cuisine.

Why did you decide to teach instead of working with a company?
*sigh* who asked this question? I think I can contribute more to the school and teaching rather than a company. This is my calling to equip good business leaders who can discern God’s will.

Where is the coolest place you’ve travelled?
So many places – Thailand is a good place, Germany, Switzerland, India is not that bad if you want to take an adventure – I’d like to take students to India sometime.

What is your life motto?
Work as the best doorman that I can. In England there is a doorman who works at nice restaurants and hotels, when people walk by and are curious about whether the place is good, they ask, and the doorman explains. I would like to be a good doorman for the Kingdom business.

What is your favourite and least favourite thing about Canada?
Favourite – clean environment, less discrimination, people here care for the poor and weak and disadvantaged
Least Favourite – things are too slow

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