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Leder student Bwalya Chisanga Kashimoto completes her internship as an audit assistant at TJ Trucking Company

Aug 03, 2018

Bwalya shared a few things with us about her experience.

"This internship is preparing me for my future career as it is providing me with a foundation to start from by learning all the rules in auditing and how the basic stuff is done. Also, I have gained deeper insights into the audit industry and an understanding of how exciting and challenging the career path of an auditor is."

Bwalya has been challenged to sort out audit documents from the past eight years and file them in their right place. This task has been very repetitive and stressful, considering she only has a certain period of time to complete it.

"I really look forward to completing this project," says Bwalya, "so that I can take up another project before the fall semester starts." In addition, she also looks forward to having more connections with different professionals and to step out of her comfort zone and get involved with different departments of the company not involved with audit or accounting.

"It feels great to be part of TJ Trucking, be treated just like a full-time employee, and get assigned huge, meaningful, and delicate projects concerning the audit department."

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