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Leder Student Gains Marketing Experience Working at the Mustard Seed

Jul 28, 2017
Cassandra with her Internship Supervisor Jeremiah at the Mustard Seed
Cassandra with her Internship Supervisor Jeremiah at the Mustard Seed

Cassandra, a third-year Bachelor of Commerce student who lived in Guatemala for three months before attending King’s, is happily fulfilling her internship requirements by working at the Mustard Seed in the inner city.

The Mustard Seed is a non-profit organization that focuses on making sure adults experiencing poverty and homelessness have their basic needs met. In addition to providing for those in need, the Mustard Seed engages the surrounding communities to breakdown stigma and educate those who have never experienced poverty.

As an intern, Cassandra works to enhance community engagement through marketing. Additionally, Cassandra leads the week-long programs at the Mustard Seed over the summer as an instructor. Cassandra incorporates the business skills she’s learned in lectures with the non-profit world as it exists outside the classroom.

Cassandra enjoys applying the awareness of big business economic interests and individual’s economic interests, which she’s learned in her classes, as she encounters them during her work day.

For Cassandra, working with people who have very different strengths and being challenged by her teammates' varying values as they work towards a common goal has been very powerful. She sees this as a skill that will be very useful in her future career.

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