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Pop-up workshop engages students in selling their own products

Feb 13, 2019

Imagine. You’re walking down the hallway at the King’s University; you’re listening to your headphones and not paying much attention to what’s going on around you, you make it to the atrium and stop in your tracks, the dean of the Leder School of Business and other professors are getting their eyebrows waxed!? Now, this is where we assume your laughter and amaze at this idea but this really truly happened all in the spirit of entrepreneurialism.

In late September our business professor Daniel Kim decided to start a club on campus for students to practice and engage in entrepreneurialism. The business program at The King’s University currently has specialties in entrepreneurship for students wanting to pursue their own business ventures in the future and there are many students who currently have their own businesses as well.

For the main kick-off event, Dr. Kim thought it would be a great idea to have a pop-up workshop to engage students in selling their own products. However, this seemed like a large goal without any funds, so Dr. Kim applied for a grant from Alberta Innovates, specifically the Institutional Support of Entrepreneurship Education (ISEE) Program. The entrepreneurial club at King’s won the grant and had $7000 to put towards their first event and Entrepreneurship development.

The kick-off event for the club was a pop-up day in the atrium at the university. In order to be fully prepared for this, students had sessions with a pop-up specialist Marissa Loewen. She taught them the value in having pop-up shops for new businesses and gave them more concrete details on the logistics of how pop-ups work.

Then after lots of preparation, the day came where over seven different start-ups from different students popped up in the atrium for the afternoon. There were students selling clothing, art, jewelry, and of course a student who even offered waxing services.

While the entrepreneurship club does not plan to create multiple pop-up events, they do continue to further grow this club with other events. They will be meeting regularly to discuss possible opportunities and their current businesses. In the future they also plan to host more guest speakers and events in order to foster the entrepreneurial spirit here at The King’s University!

So if there is anything you remember from this article I suppose it would be that the next time you see professors getting their eyebrows waxed or students attempting to sell you clothes at school just ask and perhaps they are starting a new business venture.

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