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Professor of the Week: Accounting Professor Dwayne O'Coin

Mar 07, 2019

Introducing Dwayne O’Coin our professor of the week!
This week is done in a Q&A form with students questions and Dwayne’s answers.

What is the most annoying thing students do?
Not come to class then tell me two days before the exam that they aren't getting it. "Please teach me the whole course again at my convenience, in your spare time."

If you could be an animal, what would you be?
Bear - eat nuts and berries, gain as much weight as I want, and sleep through the winter.

What inspired you to be a professor?
I enjoy classroom interaction, and spending time with young folks who still have energy and enthusiasm about life.

Favourite food?
Connie's raspberry mallow dessert.

Any ball hockey tips?
Never pass up the middle. Always go off the boards.

Have you ever had to quit a job due to something being against your own personal ethics?
No, but I did get fired for it.

How is your deck treating you? Any deck updates?
Always about 8 degrees warmer than the rest of Edmonton. Grand-kids can step right off the deck onto the trampoline. They use the tramp all winter.

“Thank you" - from Jesse Nakano
Bitcoin doesn't like it, we're done.

“Dwayne I know I dropped out but you're the coolest dude out there, ✌????respect" - from Jake H (a first year student who dropped out after the first semester)
Thanks, wondered where you went.

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