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Student Feature of the Week - Meet Cameron Shlamp

Oct 12, 2017

Meet Cameron Shlamp, a first-year student at the Leder School of Business! We asked Cameron why he chose the business school and what he likes about it so far.

“I chose King's because I have known some people who have attended King's who really enjoyed it. We had a representative of the Leder Business School come and talk to my class, and after some further research, I knew the business school was for me. I also just really like the idea that I am able to incorporate faith into my learning here. The professors, especially in the business program teach with a Christian perspective, which I really enjoy. I am also surprised and happy as to how quickly we started to learn things in the program that seem so applicable. The professors all present the material in a way that is interactive which makes the business program unique and fun. As of now I am really enjoying the accounting program and am excited to see further the opportunities that hold.”

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