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Student Feature of the Week: Meet First Year Student Anika

Oct 09, 2018

This week, we introduce you to first year student Anika Stork. We asked Anika some questions about her first month as a student at the Leder School of Business. "In my first couple weeks, I’ve been bowling, had a midterm that was changed into a quizzito (way more fun), and have eaten lots of ice cream (protip: there’s always free ice cream in the business pod). Basically, it’s been crazy busy but great. King’s first attracted me with its reputation for small class sizes and approachable profs. And it’s reputation is true-- I’m already looking forward to grabbing coffee (and it's free-- even better) with my profs.
Intro to Business is my favourite class so far. It’s been great to have a practical class that introduces us to many of the business profs, and it’s been pretty engaging. I’m hoping to learn more about branding in the coming years. I create short films and commercials in my spare time so helping companies to craft their story would be a dream. I hope to meet you if I haven’t yet. Say hi in the hallways and let’s grab a coffee sometime!”  

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