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Leder Business Association

The Leder Business Association is a student-run organization, who's purpose is to plan and facilitate social, recreational and networking opportunities for business students at King's. These events include a fall kick-off, career fair, graduation dinner, guest speakers and other student events.

2017-18 Executive

President: Spencer Klug
I’m a fourth year bachelor of commerce student. I still don’t know exactly what I want to do with my life, but my plan is to find a business-related job (maybe in banking or sales) after I graduate, keep working on entrepreneurial ventures, and re-evaluate after 2 years. Maybe go to law school or for an MBA. My favourite class was called BUSI399C: Applied Business Communications. Other than that, any class with Dr. Kim! Outside of school I spend time with my wife (mostly eating food and watching netflix), dream about building the next great business, and play an absurd amount of NHL 18.


VP Internal: Christian Nakano
Hi, I am a third (and a half) year bachelor of commerce student. Future plans are a little wishy-washy at the moment, but that’s why I choose business in the first place. Overall, I want to be involved with serving people and creating community. My favourite class I took was Metaphysics, which isn’t a commerce class, but I can’t deny how amazing it was. Dr. Kim’s International Business class has also been amazing, teaching me about different cultures and their effect on the business world. I love eating ramen with my wife, playing hockey, and producing music!

VP Finance: Jocelyn Hulsman
I’m a fourth year bachelor of commerce student. I’m still not 100% sure what I want to do after graduation, but I do hope to somehow get into the financial department of a business and work my way up that way. My favourite class was environmental and social sustainable business with Anna Bubel. Besides school, I enjoy spending time with my family, playing board games with friends, and binge watching dramatic tv.

VP Communication: Geraldine Odaibo
I am a fourth year business student at the Leder School of Business. My all time favourite class was consumer behavior with Dr. Kim. It involves both business and psychology which I find very intriguing. After I graduate I plan on going into marketing, specifically the creative side as opposed to the research. When I am not doing school work I enjoy playing piano, watching youtube videos (specifically h3h3) and spending all my money on food.

VP Administration: Leanne Buist
My name is Leanne Buist and I am a fourth year commerce student. In the future I hope to own a business or work in management. My favorite courses at Kings were Intro Accounting, Oral Communications and the exchange to Holland. Outside of school, I am a hairstylist. Other interests of mine include skiing, golfing, playing volleyball, and playing board or card games.

VP Events: Danielle Kath
I am a second year student at The King's University, enrolled to complete my Bachelors of Commerce degree. At Kings, we are challenged to be a part of “Doing Business Differently”, both the professors and students model this on a daily basis. Currently, employed at The Schmidt Investment Group, we are empowered each day to be creative and solution focused to help our clients with all elements of their wealth planning. Each day I am blessed to be a part of a team who values what money cannot buy, building meaningful relationships with wonderful families. In my spare time my passions surround competitive sports, as I play on the Women’s Varsity Volleyball Team at Kings, spending time coaching young kids pursuing their passions of athletics, and spending time with my family.

VP Marketing: Marissa Hall
I am a second year politics-history-economics major with a business minor. My ultimate career goal is to be a diplomat for the United Nations, but in the meanwhile I love working on community development initiatives and building a better and stronger student’s association here at King’s as Vp External. My favourite class was the “Going Dutch” exchange that happens every year in January and focuses on international business ethics. When I’m not travelling or studying linguistics in my free time I obsess over “How to Get Away With Murder” on Netflix while drinking Earl Grey Tea and scrolling through memes.

2nd Year Rep: Megan Apperloo
Hi, my name is Megan Apperloo, I am second year bachelor of commerce student. After I graduate with my business degree I hope to go into a non-profit organization hopefully somewhere within the leadership team. My favourite class so far has to be my Organizational Behaviour and Management class, people are just so intriguing! When I am not studying I like to spend my time out and about with my family and friends just appreciating the blessings God has given me.