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Leder Business Association

The LBA is a volunteer group of Leder business students who plan events and create networking opportunities for students.

President: Amy Whitesell
Hi, I'm Amy Whitesell. I'm a fourth-year student with the Leder School of Business, and I joined the LBA to better network students in the business program to professionals within the industry through events both on and off campus. I enjoy playing on the basketball team here at King's!

VP Internal: Charmaine Chinyemba
Hi, I'm Charmaine Chinyemba. I am a fourth-year student in the Bachelor of Commerce program and am the VP Internal. I joined the LBA to make connections with fellow business students and to brush up on my networking skills. I really enjoy singing, playing the guitar, and having intellectual conversations with people.

VP External: Greg Vander Vinne
I am Gregory Vander Vinne. I am in my fourth year of a bachelor of commerce in the Accounting stream. I joined the LBA to help Leder form connections and relationships within the greater business community in Edmonton. In my free time, I like to play soccer, including playing in the King's soccer team, as well as watching Mcdavid, and reading books most people think are boring.

VP Finance: Steven Sypkes
I'm a fourth-year student with the Leder School of Business, and I joined the LBA because I wanted to be a more active member of the school while also learning about business from a different perspective. I enjoy playing golf and hanging out with friends.

VP Communication: Craig Panek
Hey friends, I'm Craig Panek. I am in my second year of a Bachelor of Commerce degree here at King’s. I joined the LBA so I could create connections within the student body at King’s and the outside business industry. In my free time I enjoy shooting hoops and watching dog videos because dogs are great.

VP Administration: Sarah McFadyen
Hey, my name is Sarah, and I am a fourth-year business student at King's. This is my second year on the LBA, and I love it because it allows me to connect with other business students, as well as be involved in the King's community. Currently, I am working towards my goal of getting accepted into law school. Aside from school, I love doing yoga and playing volleyball.

VP Events: Abigail Douglass
My name is Abigail Douglass, and I am one of the VP Events for the Leder Business Association. I am currently in my fourth and final year of my Bachelor of Commerce degree at The Leder School of Business. I joined the LBA in hopes of creating strong and beneficial relationships between our business students. Some of my hobbies include...just kidding, I don’t have hobbies because I’m a workaholic.

VP Events: Ina Grewal
Hi, I’m Ina Grewal, and I am one of the VP Events for the Leder Business Association. I am currently a fourth-year student at the Leder School of Business. I joined the LBA to create better relationships with other commerce students and to be more involved within King’s. Aside from school, I enjoy coaching basketball and watching The Office.

2nd Year Rep: Marshall Ogden
Hello all, my name is Marshall Ogden, and I am in my second year of the Bachelor of Commerce here at King's. I serve as the second-year rep for the LBA. The reason I joined was to get more involved in my program and with fellow students as I am a commuter. In my spare time, I play video games, watch the history channel, and play volleyball at King’s.

1st Year Rep: Danielle Kath
My name is Danielle Kath, and I am a first-year enrolled to complete a Bachelor of Commerce degree. I am one of the first-year representatives, and I joined the LBA to help connect first-years with each other and to older students who can help us reach our goals. I love playing volleyball and play on the women's team here at Kings!

1st Year Rep: Devyn Hurry
Hi, my name is Devyn, and I'm a first-year business student in the Bachelor of Commerce program. I am one of two first-year business reps. I joined the LBA to provide a positive impact to King's students, and to be part of an organisation where I can grow and learn more about the complexities of business. I really enjoy the outdoors, movies, meeting people, and forming meaningful connections.