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Leder Business Association

The Leder Business Association is a student-run organization, who's purpose is to plan and facilitate social, recreational and networking opportunities for business students at King's. These events include a fall kick-off, career fair, graduation dinner, guest speakers and other student events.

2018-19 Executive

Megan Apperloo, President

Megan is a passionate business student who is specializing in the non-profit industry. She is currently in her third year at King's, and this is her second year participating in the Leder Business Association executive team. Megan wants to continue in the world of business by “doing good business well.” She wants to impact the businesses she comes across by applying her Christian values and essentially transforming the world, piece by piece, by faith through business. The Leder School of Business is preparing and continually challenging her in ways to do this, and that's why she loves it!

Anna Lodewyk, Vice-President of Finance

Anna did not originally choose King’s or business; however, since coming to King’s, she has discovered a passion for the way that she can learn and discuss with others about faith within all aspects of life.  She also has a passion for the  puzzle solving aspect of business and is excited to use that in service of others through accounting work.  Anna is now in her third year at King’s studying a business degree with an accounting concentration and a music minor.  This is her first year serving on the LBA and she is excited about the experience serving as VP Finance.

Emma Newhook, Vice-President of Marketing

Emma Newhook is a fourth year business student who has the position as the VP marketing in the LBA. The reason why Emma choose the business program was due to her passion for people and innovation. King's and the Leder school of business has been an excellent choice for Emma as she loves the relationships she can build with faculty and students.

Daniel van Heyst, Vice-President of Events

Daniel van Heyst is a fourth year business student. Daniel serves as the Vice President of Event Coordination. This is his second year serving on the LBA. Daniel chose to attend Kings because it allowed him to pursue both of his academic passions, business and history. The Leder School of business allows him to not only pursue a commerce degree, but a minor in History as well.

Raymond Akpoghomeh, Vice-President External

Raymond is the 2018-2019 Vice President External of the LBA. He is currently a 4th year student working to complete a Bachelors of Commerce, focusing on Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. Raymond chose the Leder School of Business because of how they incorporate faith with the business world. Born and raised in Nigeria, he is used to being part of a community and that has given him the passion to be part of the LBA’s small community and help grow the community as the VP External.

Jenae Charlebois, Second Year Representative

Jenae is in her second year of the Bachelor of Commerce program with a focus in accounting. This is her first year on the Leder Business Association as the Second Year Representative. Jenae initially chose to attend King’s because she wanted to continue pursuing a Christian education. Beyond this, she has grown to value the small community that King’s offers, which allows students to personally know their professors and fellow peers. She is excited to be more engaged in the business school and the university through the LBA.

Caitlin Buist, Vice-President of Administration

Caitlin originally chose King’s because she was given the opportunity to be a part of the Women’s Volleyball team. Other aspects of King’s that she appreciated was the small, tight knit community as well as the ability to develop her faith along with her education. She specifically chose business because it was a degree that would be applicable and practical in many aspects of life. In her 4th year, she has joined the LBA as the VP administration with a desire to give back to the Leder School of Business and to be more involved in the King’s community.

Lucile Maniraguha, Vice-President Internal

Lucile chose to come to King’s to get a business education that went beyond making a profit. Not only did she choose to go into business out of interest for the marketing field, she also chose it because it would allow her to understand what would go into building her clothing line one day. She values the importance of involvement. This is why she chose to be part of the LBA in order to contribute to her business community.

Charlotte Niemand, First Year Representative

Charlotte chose The King’s University for the amazing Leder School of Business, the small classes, and the vibe of community. She is in her first year of university and is loving every minute of it. Her plan in the business world is to go into advertisement. She wants to make a difference through the advertising industry. One value that Charlotte holds dearly is her faith. The fact that King’s could offer an education with Christianity incorporated in it was just calling for a student loan. King’s has not failed to show it’s potential.  

York Dudiak, First Year Representative

York is a first year student at The King’s University. York went into business to get a foundation for his goal of studying corporate law, and eventually starting his own firm. He chose King’s for the small classes, great professors, and friendly community. He is really excited to be a part of the LBA team!

Coleen Dzuda, Vice-President of Communications

Coleen Dzuda is a third year student who originally chose King's because it was highly recommended by her family and friends. Coleen chose to be VP Communication for the Leder School of Business because she wants to be involved in the process of facilitating events that will help business students expand their networks.

    Our Business grads get jobs as:

  • Accountants
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Financial Administrators
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Marketing Coordinators
  • Non Profit Organization Directors

    Our Business grads go on to study:

  • Financial Engineering
  • Healthcare Administration
  • International Affairs and Foreign Trade
  • Investment Analysis
  • Law
  • Sports Management