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Environmental Management

A growing number of students want to combine their passion for environmental issues with good business practices. This specialization lets you pursue both!

Course Selection
In addition to the required general courses for a BCom, students specializing in Small Business and Entrepreneurship must take the following:
BUSI 367 - Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Business (Note: BUSI 341 is a prerequisite for this course)
ENVS 200 - Introduction to Sustainability
GEOG 201 - Physical Geography
PHIL 320 - Philosophy of the Environment
THEO 370 - All Things: Theology of Creation
12 Credits of ECON 315, ENVS 300, 410, 450, GEOG 310, 350

The timing of the program is very flexible, so you can plan your schedule to fit your needs. Most students choose to take several business courses and then complete many foundation and breadth courses in the first year. This gives them greater flexibility in their second or third year to participate in an exchange at one of our partner institutions around the globe. Every student is assigned a faculty advisor to help with course selection throughout their program.