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General Bachelor of Commerce

Many students choose the general Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) option as it allows the greatest freedom in course selection.  Students can pick business courses across different topics or choose to minor in another discipline like Biology, Psychology, or Physical Education. Courses vary depending on the student’s area of interest but may include a global learning experience at one of our partner business schools in Asia, Europe, or Africa. 

Here are some of our more popular career paths:

  • Sports and Event Management
  • International Affairs and Foreign Trade Officer
  • Economist
  • Labour Relations Specialist
  • Public and Corporate Relations Manager

Course selection
There is a lot of flexibility in the timing of this program, so you can plan your schedule to fit your own needs. Most students choose to take several business courses and then complete many foundation and breadth courses in the first year. This is to give you greater flexibility in your second or third year to participate in an exchange at one of our partner institutions around the globe. Every student is assigned a faculty advisor to help with course selection throughout their program. 

Sample course schedule
The following is one example of what your course schedule could look. Several courses, such as Leadership, are offered in the spring/summer semesters.

Year Fall Semester Winter Semester

BUSI 200 (Intro to Business)
BUSI 253 (Intro to Financial Accounting)
ENGL 204 (Intro to Literature I)
HIST 202 (European History)
ASTRO 200 (Intro to Astronomy I)
IS Conference 

BUSI 355 (Accounting)
ENGL 205 (Intro to Literature II)
HIST 204 (History 1500-Present)
ASTRO 201 (Intro to Astronomy II)
THEO 250 (Intro to the Bible)
IS Conference 
2 BUSI 341 (Small Business Startup and Mgmt)
BUSI 320 (Statistics for Business)
BUSI 396 (Intro to Marketing)
PHIL 230 (Intro to Philosophy)
IS Conference 
BUSI 369 (Commercial Law)
PHIL 320 (Philosophy of Environment)
THEO 310 (Biblical Theological Themes)
MATH 200 (Intro Calculus)
BUSI 385 (Leadership - summer)
IS Conference 
or international exchange or international exchange
BUSI 339 (Org Behaviour & Mgmt)
BUSI 370 (Intro to Finance)
BUSI 489 (Internship Prep)
ECON 203 (Economics I)
BUSI 399 or 410 (Special Topic)
IS Conference
BUSI 346 (Family Business)
BUSI 365 (Business, Society & Environment)
ECON 204 (Economics II)
BUSI 490 (Internship -Spring/Summer)
IS Conference 
or international exchange or international exchange
 4  BUSI 348 (Operations Mgmt)
BUSI 420 (Business Ethics)
BUSI 471 (Business Strategy)
ARTH 200 (Intro to Art History I)
BUSI 344 (Human Resources)
BUSI 496 (Senior Business Project)
BUSI 430 (E-Commerce)
BUSI 399/410/499 (Special Topic or Directed Studies)
CMNA 201 (Intro to Communication Arts)