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Micah Certificate Studies

In partnership with the Micah Centre, Leder students can obtain a Certificate in Micah Studies. This program offers excellent education and experience towards preparing students for work in the area of justice and international development, as well as other careers related to Christian ministry or justice issues.

Students who want to receive this certificate as well as a degree must satisfy the certificate requirements and complete at least nine additional credits beyond those of the degree requirements. The program consists of a total of 18 credits:

SSCI 302 or 303 - Internship in International Development or another approved internship course
Independent Studies
Theo 374  – Micah’s Challenge (mandatory)

9 credits of
BUSI 343 - Managing Public, Non-Profit and Voluntary Organisations
BUSI 461 - Opportunities and Issues in  Globalisation
ECON 325 - The Economics of Development
POLI 380 - World Politics
SSCI 300 -  Field Course in International Development
THEO 371 - A Conspiracy of Goodness; Studies in Christian Mission

For more information, visit the Micah Certificate page.