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Ben Barton

Employer: Celvis Forest Management
Position: Forest Technician
Location: Based out of 100 Mile House, BC.; worked throughout the caribou
Dates: May 17 to August 20, 2004

During my summer at Celvis Forest Management I was involved in three large contracts. The first was laying out blocks of beetle trees for harvesting as part of the Small Scale Salvage program. I was also did Silviculture Reconnaissance Walks where I would walk a cut block that had been planted and look for forest health issues. Lastly I worked on Silviculture Regeneration Plots which determine the amount of planted trees in a previously harvested block.

Through my employment at Celvis Forest Management I have acquired or developed many skills including GIS and GPS experience, spreadsheets, compassing, map creation and reading, and field work experience. A large portion of my summer was spent outside doing fieldwork throughout the caribou, this was my favourite part of my job as I saw a lot of wildlife and was exposed to the scenery or the beautiful caribou.

In working under David Majcher I have learned a lot about the forestry sector and potential jobs in forestry. I recommend working for Celvis Forest Management if one has any forestry experience and would be interested in a potential job in the forestry industry.