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Benjamin Peterson

Employer: Cargill AgHorizons
Position: Seasonal Labour
Location: Marwayne. Alberta
Dates: April 25 to August 21, 2005

During the summer at Cargill I was involved in many different aspects of the Agricultural Industry. These included general labour, including bobcat work, administration and maintenance, the sale of fertilizers and chemical herbicides and pesticides and field walks to ID weedy species, bugs and fungus.

My employment at Cargill has given me a broader view of the Agricultural Industry, giving me insight into the service/sales side of the inputs that are involved in Canadian agriculture. As well, I gained a better grasp of an office oriented workplace and how a large company like Cargill interacts and expects their employees to perform and contribute to the local, regional and national offices.

Although this position at Cargill was not particularly environmentally oriented, it did give me a chance to get a broad sweeping view of people’s and company’s views on how, what and why the Agricultural Industry works as it does. Obtaining this information allows me to approach a situation with more than just theoretical knowledge of an industrial sector and hopefully allows me to understand where each side, both the producer and service side of the industry come from.