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Deb Nelson

Employer: Environment Canada
Position: Environmental Assessment: Strategy and Guidance Division
Location: Environmental Assessment Assistant
Dates: May 15 to August 31, 2006

My main project was to conduct departmental follow-up on the CNRL Horizon and Shell Jackpine Oil Sands developments that received approval in 2004. The purpose of the project was to track Environment Canada (EC) recommendations through the Joint Review Panel (JRP) and Regulatory Approval process to determine the extent that EC recommendations were acknowledged by other government departments and regulatory approvals as well as to help prepare the expert panel for future oil sands development JRP hearings.

In addition to the main project I assisted in the update of EC’s Prairie and Northern Region Policy and Procedures Manual and Follow-up Strategy. The Environmental Assessment team provided comments and possible questions for the Albian Sands Muskeg River Mine expansion which is currently under JRP review. The team also compiled a list of EC issues for the newly formed Multi-Stakeholder Committee which deals with the cumulative effects in the oil sands region.

The ENVS courses I found valuable during my summer at EC were Environmental Impact Assessment, Canadian Environmental Policy and the many ‘hard science’ courses required for my chemistry minor. The multidisciplinary approach to ENVS and my summer internship will be very valuable assets for when I seek employment in the environmental field. King’s prepares students to work in virtually any area under the environmental umbrella.