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Evan Hayes

Employer: Golder Associates
Position: Junior Technician
Location: Edmonton
Dates: May 2 to September 1, 2006

Overall my internship this summer was a rewarding experience with a great company. Even though my time was split between the warehouse and field work, both offered a great understanding of how an environmental company operates. The warehouse work gave me a greater understanding of the work and coordination that goes into preparing for field work. The field work was worthwhile because it gave me experience on using the equipment I had seen in the warehouse. I was able to gain a perspective from both the internal and external functions within a major environmental company.

The month I spent in Nunavut was also very rewarding. Since I had been up there the previous year I was more aware of what to expect, therefore I was more prepared to handle various situations as they arose. The staff I worked for were all very friendly and willing to answer the many questions I had throughout the summer. Since it was my second summer employment with Golder Associates I was able to build on my previous relationships and get to know people I had not worked with before. The summer was a worthwhile experience and a great step forward into the environmental field. I hope to continue my employment with Golder in the upcoming years.