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Hannah Vegt

Company: Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS)
Employer's Name: Jill Sturdy
Position Title: Summer Research Intern
Location: Edmonton
Dates of Employment: June to August, 2004

Main Duties: During the summer, I worked in an office collecting and compiling data from Detailed Forest Management Plans (DFMPs) from each forest company currently operating in Alberta. Then, I placed this data in a survey, set to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards. This survey will be compiled and published by CPAWS this fall. Other duties include preparing data and collecting management plans for "Park Watch", a new campaign at CPAWS. I also helped with the Boreal Action Team and helped with the launching the new Edmonton Chapter website.

Evaluate your Internship: I enjoyed the new experience of working in an office setting, learning administration tasks, attending staff meetings, using Excel spreadsheets and calling forestry companies and parks in Alberta. I have a good idea of how an Environmental NGO works and how difficult it is for NGO's to get funding and keep their volunteers and staff members.

Review the role of the internship in your program of study, career readiness:
We talk a lot about environmental stewardship in Environmental Studies classes, so I feel that my experience at CPAWS allowed me be a steward of the creation in practical ways. Working at CPAWS was an appropriate place to apply the knowledge I gained from my Social Science degree.
I learned how to co-operate and collaborate with my co-workers.
I learned how meetings are carried out and I gained a better understanding of how decisions are made.
I learned the importance of effective administration in the office, press releases and time management.