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Peter Brouwer

Employer: Alberta Environment
Position: Water Quality Technologist
Location: Calgary
Dates: September to December, 2006

I worked with Alberta Environment; Water Monitoring, Southern Region out of the Calgary office. It was an excellent experience with well rounded duties and many skills gained. My work took place in three different settings, the office, the lab, and the field. Office work was on the computer using Microsoft Office programs as well as a commercial scanner digitizing old documents in the computers files. In the lab I did sample preparation work and data sonde (instrument package) maintenance. The field is where I had the most diverse experiences; water sampling and surveying in rivers, lakes, on ice, from the shore, and in a boat. I also took part in several snow surveys in the Rocky Mountains. One involved a helicopter trip out of Canmore to six separate locations deep in the Rockies where we trekked by snowshoe through the snow survey courses.