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Sarah Zomer

Employer: Care of Creation Kenya
Position: Environmental Researcher
Location: Limuru, Kenya
Dates: September 12 to December 17, 2006

My internship was unique in that it took me places I never thought I would go and introduced me to a whole new world.  My thinking was transformed by my experiences in Kenya. The internship, with Care of Creation Kenya, focused on environmental stewardship and governance. The work involved following up on commitments to environmental action by the participants of a conference hosted by Care for Creation Kenya. The work I was involved in focused on documenting the status of environmental initiatives among participants, following up specific initiatives and communicating this to a number of different stakeholders.

I developed a series of surveys for the different research groups I was working with.  Information was gathered through e-mail, post mail, telephone and a number of interviews. During the last few weeks of my internship I analyzed the data and organized it into a paper. In addition a series of letters were written and sent out to different stakeholders (e.g. Environmental District Committees).

My favourite moments of this internship were travelling to different communities to document the environmental initiatives being taken. It gave me great hope to see what many people are doing with so little. My internship has led me to think about life differently. I would suggest an International internship to everyone.