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Shawn Worthing

Employers: ConocoPhillips, Canada
Position: Reclamation and Remediation Summer Student
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Dates: May 9 to August 22, 2006

This summer, I was employed by ConocoPhillips Canada, an oil and gas company, in their head office in Calgary. I worked in the environmental reclamation and remediation group, and got to experience a lot of really awesome things. The bulk of my work was focused on doing spreadsheets, and database management on the computer, but I also got some experience out in the field as well. Getting to see how the communication between the office and the consultants was really interesting, but seeing the results in the field was the most rewarding and interesting part of the job. One specific event gave me the opportunity to use a new infra red camera which could detect leaking natural gases from pipelines and flanges in plant sites. It was really interesting to see the implementation of technology I had learned about in school out in the field. Probably the best thing that I got out of my job this summer was getting to know a lot of people. Because of this opportunity, I have a great list of contacts for further job and career opportunities, as well as excellent references from ConocoPhillips.