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Did you know... King's has renovation plans?!

Apr 20, 2016

King’s has plans for future renovations and is expanding the campus! There was an information session held last week to give students an inside scoop on what the future campus renovations and additions might look like and what areas would be the key focus within the master plan. I interviewed Ellen Vlieg-Paquette, Vice-President of Administration and Finance at King’s, to get first hand information. She was able to share with me what changes might be made to the current campus, and when these plans might happen.

Financial planning is a priority at this stage of the master campus plan. There is a cost consultant coming to King’s this summer who will calculate time-lines and expenses involved with specific areas of the project. Fundraising plans are in process, as King’s wants to avoid inadequate funding for the project.         

The first area of construction would be a “Center for Excellence in the Sciences”, which includes the natural, social, and computer sciences. This proposed building structure is located in front of the current entrance, after the oldest part of the building (the staff and faculty wing) has been demolished. This new building would take about 1-2 years to build and will provide many offices for faculty.

The next project would be called the “Central Corridor”. The corridor would include the current King’s coffee shop area known as The Level, entrance area, cafeteria, L- classrooms, and atrium. There would be a space created for students to study and socialize in an open concept layout. There would be offices around the corridor for admissions and registry staff and for visitors the new entrance will give them a direct path to easily navigate. One of the priorities is to enhance the cafeteria by increasing function, style and decor.

Other long-term plans include adding separate buildings onto our current campus blueprint. King’s wants to build an athletics building that would enhance the ability of our athletic teams to participate in the University Athletics League. This would also be where staff and faculty offices would be for the proposed Kinesiology Degree, and perhaps a public wellness center would be located there as well. There are plans for a separate theatre building, another residence building and an added building structure to the new wing. King’s will accommodate for lost parking space and divert parking to the east end of the lot by the soccer field. Overall, King’s will work the Edmonton Transit System hoping to get a city bus to include King’s on a regular route in order to encourage students to bus more and drive less.

All of these campus plans are to help King’s prepare for the future. The plans are incorporated in the King’s shared vision 2020. This vision hopes for King’s to have 1000 registered students by the year 2020. A big take-away for me after my interview with Ellen is that the Campus Master plan is centred on the needs and wants of students. Students have been asking and needing more study space on campus and the creation of the central corridor is the first step to make that a reality. The future is bright and exciting for King’s with these structural changes enhancing an already positive student university experience.


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