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BUSI 335 - Consumer Behaviour

This course is designed to help marketers understand why consumers behavior the way they do, and it examines how this can inform marketing decision making. Topics include various factors influence consumer behaviors such as psychology, sociology, economics, education, and culture.

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BUSI 345 - Cross-Cultural and Diversity Management

As the network of globalized operations expand and the diversity in workplaces increases, individuals will need to become more culturally competent and responsive in order to effectively address issues, challenges, and opportunities that arise. This course will explore the implications of culture and diversity on managerial and leadership approaches, business practices, communication and interpersonal relations, organizational and individual performances as well as overall workforce management - in both international and domestic settings.

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BUSI 381 - International Business

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the key aspects of international business,helping business leaders' see opportunities and manage challenges in the international marketplace. The course will cover legal, technical, cultural, and political environments. It will also present the fundamentals of international trade theory, foreign direct investment, regional economic integration, the mechanism of foreign exchange market and global capital market, and latest trade issues and agreements. Classroom activities and assignments are designed to integrate and apply frameworks, models, tools, and concepts to enable sound strategic choices.

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BUSI 385 - Leadership

This course includes an overview of the various approaches to leadership theory, including trait-based, skills-based, situational, contingency, path-goal, leader-member exchange, transformational and servant leadership, and others. Leadership issues examined include: leadership development, roles of followers, management vs leadership, personality, faith perspectives, personal values, group status and dynamics.

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BUSI 399 - Special Topics

A course on a topic or field of special interest to a member of the commerce faculty and offered on a non-reoccurring basis.

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