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Make a difference with the Non-Profit and Social Entrepreneurship program at King's

Our world needs problem-solvers, solution-finders, difference-makers. There are many needs in our world, an non-profits play a critical role in delivering much needed services, products and programs.

That's where King's Non-Profit and Social Entrepreneurship program comes in. By applying business principles such as accounting, marketing, management, and human resources, to non-profits, the important work carried out by these vital organizations can be amplified and expanded.

Program Highlights

  • Become an effective, capable collaborator as you learn to develop strategy and capacity along with stakeholders
  • Compare and contrast for-profit organizations with non-profit organizations. Consider where non-profits can learn from private business and where must they chart their own course
  • Develop your skills as a leader and as a creative problem-solver
  • Learn from, and network with, professionals in the non-profit sector as you seek to develop your own abilities as a social entrepreneur

Program Options

Available as a concentration

  • 4-year Bachelor of Commerce