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"My degree taught me to be a critical thinker and an articulate writer and speaker. I learned enough about the political and economic processes of our world to recognize injustices and shortcomings--but I also developed enough hope and vision to want to pursue effective engagement with people and institutions to make the world a better place."

Melinda Steenbergen, BA 2010

Our students and graduates have inspiring stories about their time at King's and the opportunities they pursued after graduation. If you're a PHE alum and have a story to share, we'd love to hear from you. Contact Dr. Kits.


Duana Ogden (2015)

While pursuing my PHE degree at King’s, I was fortunate to go to Zambia in October 2010 with an organization called Women for Orphans and Widows (WOW). We work in communities that are devastated by HIV/AIDS. Our work includes home-based care, community initiatives, income-generating activities with widows, and relationship building, to name a few...more

Simon Meijers (2013)

While I was sitting in classes discussing history and political theory, it didn’t necessarily always feel relevant to my “real life,” interesting though it was. Now I can see what I was really learning was how to look past the superficial world around me and think critically about the political and social structures that lie underneath...more

Daniel Muthui (2013)

I am a native of Kenya, and as you rightly guess, I am thousands of miles away from home. So, people constantly ask me: Why Canada? Why Edmonton, of all places? Well, I am not particularly fascinated by the winters here; however, I am and continue to be, fascinated by the PHE program and my 'little' University... more

Jason Horlings (2013)

I have been in the PHE program for three years and have been greatly enriched by the students and staff of that program. The program has continued to foster in me a strong passion to see the political and economic systems of the world transformed so that they seek to glorify God. A strong interest of mine is to understand how the churches can actively work towards public justice...more

Janneka Beeksma (2012)

I spent my latter two years in PHE focusing on issues relating to immigration, refugees, religious pluralism, multiculturalism, gender, and development. In this way, PHE gave me the opportunity to carve out my own personal focus, then sharpened and challenged me to think critically and engage openly with it...more

Geoff Brouwer (2011)

While in the PHE program, I had several exciting opportunities to be involved and explore my broad interests in international relations, Canadian politics, environmental issues, and a variety of other areas. My experiences on campus with professors and fellow students, as well as summer work opportunities, have allowed me to better understand the complex and deeply important issues our world faces today...more


Mychele Freund (2011)

After I graduated with a PHE degree, I was hired by Alberta Transportation. My job has been to analyze issues, develop solutions, implement programs, policies and legislation, and to support and engage with Albertans in private, non-profit and public sectors. My degree helped me be successful at work by teaching me to be a researcher, critical thinker, articulate communicator, and to view issues from multiple perspectives...more


Loralee Williams (2011)

The diverse skill set I obtained at King’s prepared me for various tasks, from planning projects and budgets in Ottawa, working with local farmers in Burkina Faso, training NGO workers in Results Based Management in Eastern Congo, coordinating with local government and preparing statements on projects and emergencies...more

Melinda Steenbergen (2010)

During my time in the PHE program, I worked on Parliament Hill for three months as an intern in John McKay’s office.I wrote briefing notes, constituent letters, rhetoric for television spots and speeches, Standing Order and Question Period material, and more...more


John Vanderveen (2010)

I chose to attend the Laurentian Leadership Centre in Ottawa for the last semester of my degree in Political Science, History, and Economics.  For those of you who don’t know, the LLC is a satellite campus of Trinity Western University that opens its arms to students from all over the country including King’s...more


Lewis Kelly (Grad 2010)

I chose to take the PHE program because I wanted a diverse degree with classes that interested me. I really liked social studies in high school, and PHE seemed like the natural extension of that...more


Steven Brese (2009)

The PHE program is special. I realise now that my degree equipped me with tools that are dif­ferent from of those my colleagues. I ap­proach issues, not from just the lens of a political scientist, but from someone who has been taught how to see the over­lap, to see how issues are never strictly re­ligious, political or economic and that there are plenty of in­terests at stake...more

Maia deKlerk (2009)

I chose to take PHE after taking an introductory political studies class with Dr. Hiemstra. He had talked about this new degree King’s was offering and I was attracted to the broad spectrum of the disciplines and thought that having knowledge of Political Science, History or Economics would be beneficial in further education in any of the three or in a career involving them...more

Kim Dyke (2008)

The PHE degree from King's accelerated my desire to continue to study and work in community economic development; the depth of knowledge and guidance that I received from my professors at King's gave me the foundation to begin my career and keep exploring politics, history, and economics. I would recommend King’s to anyone who wants to ask the big questions and are compelled to find the answers to better our world...more

Andrew Lee (2007)

I chose to enrol in the PHE program so that I could continue my education in Politics and Economics without having to leave behind the benefits of a Christian institution. I was originally enrolled in the 3-year Social Science program and was planning on transferring to the B.A. in Political Science at the U of A...more

Trixie Ling (2007)

I wanted to take the PHE program because of its unique multidisciplinary focus on the three areas of study that interest me most. This major allowed me to deepen my understanding of many pressing issues...more


Lisa DeMoor (2006)

The PHE program appealed to me because of my interest in social justice and public policy. It provided both a broad picture of political and economic life both nationally and internationally, as well as the tools and knowledge-base necessary to engage in and work for justice in Canada and beyond...more

    Our Politics - History - Economics grads get jobs as:

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  • Public Servants

    Our Politics - History - Economics grads go on to study:

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  • International Affairs
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