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Lewis Kelly

I chose to take the PHE program because I wanted a diverse degree with classes that interested me. I really liked social studies in high school, and PHE seemed like the natural extension of that; furthermore, I didn't have a very good idea of what I wanted to do upon graduating from high school, so taking a broad degree like PHE really appealed to me. That was what drew me to the PHE program, and the great professors, classes, and other students kept me there.

After I finished my PHE degree at King's, I moved to Vancouver to complete a Master of Journalism degree at the University of British Columbia. Vancouver is a great place to live, and graduate school was extremely worthwhile. I overcame challenges I never thought I could (and that I didn't know existed before I started at UBC), made professional and personal relationships that will last the rest of my life, and learned a lot about both journalism and myself. I also learned the value of an interdisciplinary undergraduate degree, as the breadth of my knowledge gave me ideas and background that many of my classmates didn't have. King's doesn't have the name-recognition of a bigger school, but I often felt I had received a better education than many of my classmates.

Lewis is currently employed by the Edmonton Journal as a staff writer.

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