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Psychology Alumni

Our graduates have inspiring experiences and stories about their time at King's and after graduation. If you're a psychology alum and have a story to share, we'd love to hear from you! Contact Dr. Looy or Dr. Peet.

Willow Glasier (Grad 2013)

I’ll always value the time I spent at King’s, not only for its excellent quality of education, but also for its openness in building connections between students and professors. It was through those personal relationships that I was encouraged to pursue my academic interests in ways I would never have thought possible at the beginning of my degree.  MORE

Rebecca Dahl (Grad 2013)

My Psychology degree at King's gave me the incredible opportunity to explore my passions and interests within an academic setting, as well as encourage me to apply it to the world around me. Instead of simply conveying knowledge of the world, King's taught the importance of understanding and challenging our worldview.  MORE

Kaili Chernuka (Grad 2012)

I think back fondly on my time at King's! I found myself truly inspired by the material in my senior courses and excited to explore those interests further through the course-work. I also really appreciated my professors for their support and willingness to meet outside of class time and provide mentorship. Last but not least, I loved the small class sizes which allowed me to build lasting friendships with fellow classmates in the psychology program.  MORE


Todd Van Driel (Grad 2012)

When I came to King’s, I did not know what I wanted to be or what God had in store for me. Being an athlete at King’s was fun and exciting, but I knew I had to get down to it and earn a degree in the midst of all the sports. From an athlete standpoint, working with the faculty members in the Psychology department made it that much easier for me to properly manage my time to best split the homework and practices.  MORE

Annalise Opthof (Grad 2012)

Over the course of my four-year study of Psychology at The King’s University, I had the opportunity to learn in an intimate atmosphere. This was fostered by strong, collaborative relationships with my professors and peers. MORE

Tracy DeBoer (Grad 2010)

I am so appreciative of the liberal arts training I had in psychology from King's--you may not realize it, but liberal arts education is rare and valuable in the academic and professional worlds. The personable mentorship, in addition to teaching, I received from the professors at King's is unparalleled and has made all the difference...MORE

Yes, Josh, that is Al Bandura!

Josh Noble (Grad 2010)

I came to King's in 2007 knowing very little about King's and even less about Psychology. In my first semester at King's, I took a course that turned out to be particularly influential on my academic career and my life generally--Psych 251. I immediately switched into a Psych major once I had finished the course intent on what I wanted to study. I was fortunate to have passionate, talented mentors (e.g., professors) who guided me as I found my feet as a novice researcher and academic.  MORE

Ben Bentum (Grad 2009)

Since graduation, my appreciation for my King's education has grown. At King's, my previously unchallenged worldview was challenged respectfully so that I could think in a more well-rounded and balanced manner. My faith grew deeper and my understanding of humanity became much more holistic.  MORE

Adele Cupido (Grad 2008)

Alumna Adele Cupido brings together her undergraduate training in music and psychology in a seamless duet to help children as a music therapist working in Edmonton, Alberta.

Cupido’s work includes helping children work through challenges to progress into a daily routine. She explains that music gives children an outlet for expression and a means to work through obstacles.  MORE

    Our Psychology grads get jobs as:

  • Advice Workers
  • Case Managers
  • Child Care Workers
  • Psychology Lab Assistants
  • Social Service Specialists

    Our Psychology grads go on to study:

  • Education
  • Guidance Counselling
  • Marriage and Family Counselling
  • Mental Health Counselling
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy