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Annalise Opthof

Over the course of my four-year study of Psychology at The King’s University, I had the opportunity to learn in an intimate atmosphere. This was fostered by strong, collaborative relationships with my professors and peers. While exploring my own viewpoints and coming to a greater understanding of the human mind, I was able to develop a solid foundation which enabled me to work with vulnerable youth today.

Annalise is a Transitional Support Worker at Catholic Social Services.

    Our Psychology grads get jobs as:

  • Advice Workers
  • Case Managers
  • Child Care Workers
  • Psychology Lab Assistants
  • Social Service Specialists

    Our Psychology grads go on to study:

  • Education
  • Guidance Counselling
  • Marriage and Family Counselling
  • Mental Health Counselling
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy