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BUSI 389 - Organizational Design and Change

We inevitably encounter organizations, both in work and leisure, everyday of our lives. This course examines how organizations are structured and how they change. Students will be introduced to the theories of why organizations look the way they do, to the principles of organizational design, to the theories of how organizations change, and to practical steps in initiating and accomplishing organizational change. Through these theories and tools, students will develop an appreciation for how organizations affect us, as well as skills in analyzing organizations and reshaping them in order for them to be more effective.

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BUSI 343 - Managing Public, Non-Profit and Voluntary Organizations

This course will study approaches to managing in the non-profit sector, particularly the unique programs and policies that are required for effective management practices. These practices will be contrasted with the approaches utilized in the private for-profit sector.

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BUSI 385 - Leadership

This course includes an overview of the various approaches to leadership theory, including trait-based, skills-based, situational, contingency, path-goal, leader-member exchange, transformational and servant leadership, and others. Leadership issues examined include: leadership development, roles of followers, management vs leadership, personality, faith perspectives, personal values, group status and dynamics.

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BUSI 375 - Sport and Recreation Management

This course provides an overview of the basic management principles as they relate to sport enterprises and the operation of sport and recreation organizations. Functional areas of management will be highlighted including finance, marketing, human resources, and ethics. Students will explore the nature of recreation and sport from a Christian world view with an emphasis on developing effective leadership skills. Current trends and challenges in sport and recreation will also be addressed.

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KINS 250 - Introduction to Kinesiology

Introductory course which examines the study of human movement from various perspectives including exercise physiology, biomechanics, motor learning, sport psychology, ethics, history and sociology. Students will explore how knowledge, theory and application relate to physical activity and sport from a Christian perspective. Specific attention will be given to the integration of critical thinking, leadership development and how contemporary concepts and trends about sports impacts our views of the world, both locally and globally. This course also includes a review of kinesiology based career options.

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KINS 255 - Personal Physical Fitness and Wellness

This introductory course examines many of the determinants of total wellness and is intended to assist students in developing an awareness of lifestyle issues, to provide them with information about a positive, healthy lifestyle and ultimately to encourage them to adopt healthy practices. Emphasis will be placed upon knowing and understanding basic concepts of fitness, nutrition, elementary first-aid, stress and disease control and applying these in the lab. A holistic approach will provide students with a deeper understanding of their responsibility for personal wellness as part of God's creation.

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