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Cultivating Compassion

This course draws on the works of Brene Brown, Gabor Mate, Bessel Van Der Kolk, Mathew Fox, Karen Armstrong, Henri Nouwen, and many more. It will enhance understanding of how fear and trauma shape people and influence behaviour. Concrete strategies for cultivating and deepening our compassion will be explored, including mindfulness practices and Christian meditations. Finally, we will investigate the wisdom of compassion. Neuroscience suggests that we are hard-wired for compassion and we know that connection with others is good for our health and mental health.  But perhaps most important, compassion is good for our spiritual health and puts us in touch with a larger sense of purpose, fulfilling our calling and destiny as human beings.

Available as a public access course
This course is a non-credit public access course. Public access non-credit courses are offered at a reduced rate, and you do not need to be a King's student to register. 


Shalen Marie House
Shalen Marie House is a registered social worker with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Social Work.  She has worked in front line social services for almost 20 years; primarily with individuals struggling with mental health, addictions, poverty, and homelessness.  She has had the privilege to serve and be impacted by individuals who struggle with these challenges.  As a Christian and a social worker, Shalen has struggled to make sense of what compassion is and is not, and what implications that has on how we “help” as a society.  This course was born out of a longing for social justice and brings to bear Shalen’s faith, education, professional experience and personal reflections.   


Cultivating Compassion

February 24, 2018 - March 10, 2018

10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.


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