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Pre- Bachelor of Education - Secondary

Students can prepare themselves for a teaching career by completing a bachelor's degree at King's and then applying to enter King's B.Ed. (After Degree) Secondary program or a program at another Christian college or Canadian university.

While pursuing a three-year or four-year degree, students are advised to take at least 6 credits of education courses as part of the degree (i.e. EDUC 251 and EDUC 300). Students are required to take 3 credits in mathematics.  MATH 281 will meet this requirement, and is advised for those who plan to teach junior high. Students are also required to take at least 3 credits in Canadian studies.  It is highly beneficial to take 6 credits in Canadian History.

Students preparing for a Secondary program must complete courses toward a teaching major (33 credits) and minor (18 credits). 

The B.Ed. (After Degree) can normally be obtained in two years of study following the three-year bachelor's degree. However, students completing some majors, or students choosing a teaching career later in their degree, may need to complete a four-degree to meet the admission requirements for a Secondary education program.   All students may wish to consider completing a four-year bachelor’s degree prior to the B.Ed. (After Degree) as this will provide them with additional preparation and a higher level on the pay grid when they begin teaching.


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