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Christian Spirituality

This course explores some of the diversity of contemporary Christian spirituality. Contemporary Christian spiritualities will be contextualized historically in terms of their development: from pre-Christian Greek philosophy and Old Testament prophecy through their theological-practical elaboration from the Desert Fathers & Mothers to monasticism, and across the Middle ages as mystical theology.

Discussion will aim to balance the threefold branching of Christianity into Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant. Our contemporary pluralistic globalizing context will situate current interest in, and the formation of, Christian spirituality today. Psychological research documenting the effects of spirituality will be examined and discussed, and the relationship between contemplation and other forms of spiritual discipline will be considered.

Available as a public access course

This course is available as a non-credit public access course (THEO199). Public access courses are offered at a reduced rate, and you do not need to be a King's student to register. 

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September 3 - December 6, 2019


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